I'm Emre Asan

As a Software Test Engineer with significant full-time experience, I have actively contributed to the Network Performance Monitoring project. While working on this project, I gained significant knowledge about 5G SA Core in the research I have done and continue to do.

In addition to my core expertise, I am proficient in a variety of DevOps tools, such as Kubernetes and Jenkins. Furthermore, I have acquired solid skills in Google Cloud as part of these side competencies and certified as an Associate Cloud Engineer from Google. This dual proficiency enables me to seamlessly collaborate with DevOps teams, contributing to the integration of testing processes within dynamic deployment environments. My commitment to mastering diverse technologies underscores my dedication to delivering high quality and innovative solutions.

Apart from these, I gained intercultural working experience thanks to the EU funded projects I participated in when I was an undergraduate student. Also, completed my undergraduate program, MIS, as the top student of the department.

B.Sc. in Management Information Systems

Başkent University (2018-2022)

Data Engineering (Erasmus+ Student Exchange)

Gdańsk University of Technology (2021)

Software Product Management Specialization

University of Alberta | Online (2023)

Software Test Engineer

Argela Technologies (07/2022-ongoing)

System and Test Intern

Argela Technologies (02/2022-05/2022)

ESC Volunteer in Croatia

Udruga Argonauta (EU Funded) (09/2020-10/2020)

EVS Volunteer in Romania

Team for Youth Association (EU Funded) (06/2019-07/2019)

My Skills
Microservices (Docker | Kubernetes), Cloud, Network, Virtualization
CI/CD Tools (Jenkins)
Agile Testing | Xray Test Management
SQL (MySQL) and Redis
Test Automation (Cypress, Postman-Newman)
Linux - Shell Scripting
IaC (Terraform and Ansible)


Agile Tester (CTFL-AT) and Foundation Level (CTFL)

Başkent University

2022 Highest Scoring MIS Undergraduate Program Graduate

Google Cloud

Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

European Commission

Youthpass (3 Times)

Details about my skills and knowledge

Software Testing

I possess extensive experience in crafting comprehensive test documentation, including test cases, test suites, and test plans. Collaborating closely with the product owner, I actively participate in defining acceptance criteria. My role extends to assisting clients in writing acceptance scenarios and performing UAT presentations. Also skilled in utilizing JIRA for bug tracking.

5G SA Core

I possess a solid understanding of 5G Standalone (SA) Core, including familiarity with interfaces like N1, N2, N4, N15, and N26. My knowledge extends to nodes such as AMF, SMF, UDM, PCF, AUSF, covering their communication and message types, contributing to a foundational grasp of the 5G SA Core landscape.

Agile Mindset

While completing the University of Alberta's Software Product Management Specialization, I gained valuable insights into Agile methodology. Subsequently, I applied this knowledge to earn the Agile Tester certification from ISTQB®.


I specialize in Microservices architecture, showcasing proficiency in Kubernetes cluster setup, pod deployment, YAML configuration, and expertise in Docker and Docker-Compose. Additionally, I have hands-on experience deploying and managing microservices on Google Cloud using GKE.

Cloud and IaC

As a Google certified Associate Cloud Engineer; I am well-versed in Autoscaling, L4/L7 Load Balancing, and interconnecting networks (Cloud HA VPN). Additionally, I have proficiency in utilizing Google Cloud services such as Pub/Sub. On the Infrastructure as Code front, I possess a foundational understanding of Terraform including few hands-on experience.

Test Automation

I have a grasp of automating E2E tests using Cypress. Additionally, I am familiar with automating API tests using Postman, Newman, Jenkins and integrating them into the CI/CD pipeline.


First week of volunteering in Romania

(This is an old post dated June 18, 2019)

I am Emre from Turkey. I am 19 years old, and I’m studying Management Information Systems at Başkent University.

I was searching about some EVS projects for this summer. I tried my chance for Baia Mare and after this, I learned that I am selected for the project. My project’s name is “Young Steps in Europe”. Its main aim is working with social issues.

When I came to Romania, I think I had “culture shock” for 2 days. After my first days in Romania, I started to love this country. In Baia Mare, every people respect others. I am feeling safe and comfortable here. By the way, I am adapting to live here everyday more and more.

What about the local language? I started to learn Romanian, and I have Romanian lesson once a week. All I want to say about this language is, this is not an easy language to learn, but it is very impressive language. I am trying to improve myself in Romanian. There isn’t so many foreign people in the city, so when the people see a foreigner who is trying to talk Romanian language, they are always happy.

I am going to Luchian Center, Otilia K. Kindergarden, Caritas –St Francisc Baia Mare for the activities. Luchian’s activity is so important for me. This is my first time to meet children with down syndrome, and it makes me feel very happy and useful. They are very lovely kids, when I’m playing with them, they are happy. Always, if I can make a child happy, I felt that way as well. These sentences explain for me the importance of volunteering.

Let’s talk about the city. The city’s old town is amazing. It makes me feel like I am in the city’s history. I love the place’s architectural beauties. There are also Stephen’s Tower and a great cathedral to view in the city. As I told before, there isn’t so many foreigners in the city, but as I heard, some local tourists are coming to the city. Baia Mare (also Romania) is developing and I think that the city will be very developed in 10 years.

I will write my first month experiences at my second article. I wonder what I will learn in the coming weeks.

"Emre is our Turkish volunteer in the project ”Young Steps in Europe” coordinated by Bridge of Culture Training and Youth Association, and hosted in Team for Youth Association."

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