Nov 10, 2021

About My Hobbies and Character

When you take a break for a long time, you can both lose the desire and have more difficulty in writing something about yourself. I start my writing by noticing this.

All my life basketball has kept me busy as my biggest hobby. I remember the days when I was 6 years old in 2006 when I watched the world cup at breakfast due to the time difference with Japan. After a few years with school and club teams, but because I was not tall enough, I realized that I could not do this job professionally and I decided to keep basketball as a hobby in my life.

The years in which my character, who I am, was formed were actually my high school years. In 2017, I chose the department that I will start in 11th grade as a foreign language because I had a goal of becoming an English teacher in the future. Since the high school I attended at that time did not open this department, I had the choice of either changing high school or choosing a different department in the high school I attended. After thinking for a long time, I decided to continue in my own high school. I didn't know what to study yet as I was interested in both business and computer science, but later on I learned that there was a department called Management Information Systems and I researched it in detail. As a result, while my peers did not know what they wanted to study or do, I had already set a career goal for myself in MIS. My path was clear thanks to being able to set such a clear goal when I was a year and a half away from graduating from high school, and therefore the process of preparing for the university entrance exam was less stressful for me.

In the last year of my high school, some courses were not taught and we were given time to prepare for the university entrance exam. Since I spent all these times playing basketball instead of studying for exams, I turned into someone that people had no expectations of. But I believed in my own truth and as a result, I got among the best 40 thousand results in the exam, which 2 million people took, and won Management Information Systems at Ba┼čkent University with a full scholarship. At the same time, I entered the Faculty of Commercial Sciences, which the department is in, with the highest score that year. Not giving up on my ideals paved the way for me.

I think my character was formed as a result of this story. I don't give up easily and when I want something, I try to the end. When there are things that will bring me down on the roads I go for the sake of what I believe in, it reminds me that defeat is not falling, but staying on the ground where you fell, and winning is getting up again every time you fall, and I try to achieve this. I also have a personality obsessed with details. Maybe that's why I want to be a data analyst. Apart from these, I also have negative aspects of myself. For example, I experience happiness and unhappiness, all emotions at extreme levels, and this can sometimes tire me. I think I don't have a medium setting. Although I never see emotionality as a weakness, I think that this kind of character forces people in some situations.

If we come to my hobbies by changing the subject again, I love watching theater other than basketball and I try to go when I find time. I consider the subjects related to my department as a hobby for myself and I try to take trainings on the internet in my spare time.

Finally, I would like to talk about my favorite songs. I like to listen to songs in different languages, with the effect of being involved in various projects in many different countries. I listen to songs not only in Turkish and English, but also in Serbian, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Greek and Spanish. Maybe I love it because they all remind me of certain memories, certain countries. I end my article with my 6 favorite songs from 5 different languages:


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