Nov 1, 2020

European Solidarity Corps in Croatia

Croatia is the place that made me who I am, with what it did to me both before I went there and after my arrival.

The pandemic period from March to June 2020 was a difficult process. It was the time spent at home. My days were spent doing homework and watching TV series. No matter how much we are in the pandemic period, then I remembered that I had to change something, my previous memories and who I was. I applied to many projects funded by the European Union. However, although I had a green passport, Europe at that time did not accept Turkish citizens for short stays due to covid. Therefore, it was very, very difficult to go anywhere for the project in the summer of 2020.

After a while I learned that Croatia allows travel from outside Europe for projects or certain conditions. My motivation was very high because the volunteering project was related to the regatta, but I was not selected at the first stage. Later in July, when I saw another advertisement for the same project, I applied, but they said they were only looking for Portuguese and French citizens. While this was the case, I suddenly received an e-mail at the end of August, where I learned that a person had left the project and that I was invited from the reserve. Then the process went very fast and a permit was issued for me to enter the country from the Croatian Ministry of Interior.

Although we are in the pandemic period, the one-month project spent there added a lot to me. I took part as one of the organizers of the Latinsko Idro 2020 regatta. I will never forget the international teamwork talent I gained there with my friends from Portugal, France, Poland and Croatia.

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