I'm Emre Asan

As an ISTQB certified Agile Tester, I've been actively contributing to the Network Performance Monitoring project. ⁤⁤While working on this project, I gained significant knowledge about 5G SA Core in the research I have done and continue to do.

In addition to my core skills, I have a solid understanding in DevOps tools like Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible and Terraform. I have also acquired skills in Google Cloud as part of these side skills and am certified as a Professional Cloud Architect from Google. This dual skills help me to collaborate with DevOps teams and integrate testing in dynamic deployment environments. My commitment to mastering new technologies is to deliver high quality and innovative solutions.

As an add on to my technical skills, I completed Software Product Management Specialization from University of Alberta which certified my interest in product management within an agile environment.

Apart from these, I gained intercultural working experience thanks to the EU funded projects I participated in when I was an undergraduate student. Also, I completed my undergraduate program Management Information Systems as the top student of it.

B.Sc. in Management Information Systems

Başkent University (2018-2022)

Data Engineering (Erasmus+ Student Exchange)

Gdańsk University of Technology (2021)

Software Product Management Specialization

University of Alberta | Online (2023)

Software Test Engineer

Argela Technologies (07/2022-ongoing)

System and Test Intern

Argela Technologies (02/2022-05/2022)

ESC Volunteer in Croatia

Udruga Argonauta (EU Funded) (09/2020-10/2020)

EVS Volunteer in Romania

Team for Youth Association (EU Funded) (06/2019-07/2019)

My Skills
Microservices (Docker | Kubernetes), Cloud, Network, Virtualization
CI/CD Tools (Jenkins)
Agile Testing | Xray Test Management
SQL (MySQL) and Redis
Test Automation (Cypress, Postman-Newman)
Linux - Shell Scripting
IaC (Terraform and Ansible)


Agile Tester (CTFL-AT) and Foundation Level (CTFL)

Başkent University

2022 Highest Scoring MIS Undergraduate Program Graduate

Google Cloud

Certified Professional Cloud Architect

European Commission

Youthpass (3 Times)

Details about my skills and knowledge

Software Testing

I possess extensive experience in crafting comprehensive test documentation, including test cases, test suites, and test plans. Collaborating closely with the product owner, I actively participate in defining acceptance criteria. My role extends to assisting clients in writing acceptance scenarios and performing UAT presentations. Also skilled in utilizing JIRA for bug tracking.

5G SA Core

I possess a solid understanding of 5G Standalone (SA) Core, including familiarity with interfaces like N1, N2, N4, N15, and N26. My knowledge extends to nodes such as AMF, SMF, UDM, PCF, AUSF, covering their communication and message types, contributing to a foundational grasp of the 5G SA Core landscape.

Agile Mindset

While completing the University of Alberta's Software Product Management Specialization, I gained valuable insights into Agile methodology. Subsequently, I applied this knowledge to earn the Agile Tester certification from ISTQB®.


I specialize in Microservices architecture, showcasing proficiency in Kubernetes cluster setup, pod deployment, YAML configuration, and expertise in Docker and Docker-Compose. Additionally, I have hands-on experience deploying and managing microservices on Google Cloud using GKE.

Cloud and IaC

As a Google certified Professional Cloud Architect; I am well-versed in Autoscaling, L4/L7 Load Balancing, and interconnecting networks (Cloud HA VPN). Additionally, I have proficiency in utilizing Google Cloud services such as Pub/Sub. On the Infrastructure as Code front, I possess a foundational understanding of Terraform including few hands-on experience.

Test Automation

I have a grasp of automating E2E tests using Cypress. Additionally, I am familiar with automating API tests using Postman, Newman, Jenkins and integrating them into the CI/CD pipeline.


My Specializations, Certifications, and Learning Passion

Working Experiences at Argela Technologies

About My Hobbies and Character

When you take a break for a long time, you can both lose the desire and have more difficulty in writing something about yourself. I start my writing by noticing this.

All my life basketball has kept me busy as my biggest hobby. I remember the days when I was 6 years old in 2006 when I watched the world cup at breakfast due to the time difference with Japan. After a few years with school and club teams, but because I was not tall enough, I realized that I could not do this job professionally and I decided to keep basketball as a hobby in my life.

The years in which my character, who I am, was formed were actually my high school years. In 2017, I chose the department that I will start in 11th grade as a foreign language because I had a goal of becoming an English teacher in the future. Since the high school I attended at that time did not open this department, I had the choice of either changing high school or choosing a different department in the high school I attended. After thinking for a long time, I decided to continue in my own high school. I didn't know what to study yet as I was interested in both business and computer science, but later on I learned that there was a department called Management Information Systems and I researched it in detail. As a result, while my peers did not know what they wanted to study or do, I had already set a career goal for myself in MIS. My path was clear thanks to being able to set such a clear goal when I was a year and a half away from graduating from high school, and therefore the process of preparing for the university entrance exam was less stressful for me.

In the last year of my high school, some courses were not taught and we were given time to prepare for the university entrance exam. Since I spent all these times playing basketball instead of studying for exams, I turned into someone that people had no expectations of. But I believed in my own truth and as a result, I got among the best 40 thousand results in the exam, which 2 million people took, and won Management Information Systems at Başkent University with a full scholarship. At the same time, I entered the Faculty of Commercial Sciences, which the department is in, with the highest score that year. Not giving up on my ideals paved the way for me.

I think my character was formed as a result of this story. I don't give up easily and when I want something, I try to the end. When there are things that will bring me down on the roads I go for the sake of what I believe in, it reminds me that defeat is not falling, but staying on the ground where you fell, and winning is getting up again every time you fall, and I try to achieve this. I also have a personality obsessed with details. Maybe that's why I want to be a data analyst. Apart from these, I also have negative aspects of myself. For example, I experience happiness and unhappiness, all emotions at extreme levels, and this can sometimes tire me. I think I don't have a medium setting. Although I never see emotionality as a weakness, I think that this kind of character forces people in some situations.

If we come to my hobbies by changing the subject again, I love watching theater other than basketball and I try to go when I find time. I consider the subjects related to my department as a hobby for myself and I try to take trainings on the internet in my spare time.

Finally, I would like to talk about my favorite songs. I like to listen to songs in different languages, with the effect of being involved in various projects in many different countries. I listen to songs not only in Turkish and English, but also in Serbian, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Greek and Spanish. Maybe I love it because they all remind me of certain memories, certain countries. I end my article with my 6 favorite songs from 5 different languages:


Erasmus Student Exchange in Poland: Gdansk University of Technology


European Solidarity Corps in Croatia

Croatia is the place that made me who I am, with what it did to me both before I went there and after my arrival.

The pandemic period from March to June 2020 was a difficult process. It was the time spent at home. My days were spent doing homework and watching TV series. No matter how much we are in the pandemic period, then I remembered that I had to change something, my previous memories and who I was. I applied to many projects funded by the European Union. However, although I had a green passport, Europe at that time did not accept Turkish citizens for short stays due to covid. Therefore, it was very, very difficult to go anywhere for the project in the summer of 2020.

After a while I learned that Croatia allows travel from outside Europe for projects or certain conditions. My motivation was very high because the volunteering project was related to the regatta, but I was not selected at the first stage. Later in July, when I saw another advertisement for the same project, I applied, but they said they were only looking for Portuguese and French citizens. While this was the case, I suddenly received an e-mail at the end of August, where I learned that a person had left the project and that I was invited from the reserve. Then the process went very fast and a permit was issued for me to enter the country from the Croatian Ministry of Interior.

Although we are in the pandemic period, the one-month project spent there added a lot to me. I took part as one of the organizers of the Latinsko Idro 2020 regatta. I will never forget the international teamwork talent I gained there with my friends from Portugal, France, Poland and Croatia.

Description of the project: 
Articles about the activities carried out in the project:

Youth Exchange: Bye Bullying - Barcelona, Spain

(This is an old post dated March, 2020)

I had participated in a short term EVS in Romania before, and that’s when I decided to take part in a Youth Exchange project as well. When I was searching for exchange opportunities I found this beautiful one. As I read the infopack I understood clearly that I am very much interested in its topic “bullying”. I think it is a very big problem all over the world – so many youngsters face it in their lives…

The project took place in the wonderful city of Barcelona and was hosted by YouthBCN organization. On the first days we worked on finding the best ways to raise awareness of bullying. We decided to use theatre and filming methods for it. We created mix-cultured groups to work together with people from various backgrounds, opinions, experiences. The main goal was to make short films introducing the negative consequences and the importance of bullying. At the end of the project we watched all together the short films made by the groups and voted for awards. My team won best sound mixing award.

The video that was elected as “the best” was the real story of Elia. During his childhood he faced bullying and in the video, their team explained and shew how it happened, and how he could get over it and be happy again. It was a very honest, deep, detailed and emotional video. I think that real stories make people/viewers connect better and feel and understand the situation of the abused ones.

I believe that these kind of projects have a huge effect on participants’ personalities, improve young people a lot and make them more respectful and tolerant. So I suggest everyone to take part in a youth exchange at least once in their lives. Erasmus+ projects are life changing.

The source where I first shared the article:

European Voluntary Service in Romania

(This is an old post dated July 23, 2019)

I am Emre from Turkey and I have been volunteering for 5 weeks in Baia Mare. My project’s name is “Young Steps in Europe”.

I learned so many things about life in this 5 weeks. I really feel like I grew up and my skills are improved. Because of these things, I suggest everybody to participate an EVS project at least one time.

I have a workshop about C programming, and the lessons are given by me in Team for Youth’s office. I give the lessons to local and international volunteers. Some participants are not sure what to study at university. Because of this, one of my aims is to improve their interest about programming. I think maybe they can understand that they could be successful if they study computer science or management information systems, like me. Generally people don’t believe in their skills in programming, but they do not even try. This is why I am trying to do this.

By the way, this month I started to go Romani Center and there are children from different age groups. The center is very nice so it is easy to make activities there. Except this activity, my favorite activity was Luchian but holiday started for that center, so I could not join the activities there anymore. I was very happy while I was playing with kids there and it was my first experience to meet kids with down syndrome. They are very lovely and I wish I will be able to spend time in a center like this one again in the future.

Now, I am starting to think about what I will do in Turkey when I go back there, because my project is going to be ending in 2 weeks. I have weird emotions about that because I have already adapted to live in Baia Mare, so I think my next mission will be adapt to live in a big city again, Ankara.

"Emre is our Turkish volunteer in the project ”Young Steps in Europe” coordinated by Bridge of Culture Training and Youth Association, and hosted in Team for Youth Association."

First week of volunteering in Romania

(This is an old post dated June 18, 2019)

I am Emre from Turkey. I am 19 years old, and I’m studying Management Information Systems at Başkent University.

I was searching about some EVS projects for this summer. I tried my chance for Baia Mare and after this, I learned that I am selected for the project. My project’s name is “Young Steps in Europe”. Its main aim is working with social issues.

When I came to Romania, I think I had “culture shock” for 2 days. After my first days in Romania, I started to love this country. In Baia Mare, every people respect others. I am feeling safe and comfortable here. By the way, I am adapting to live here everyday more and more.

What about the local language? I started to learn Romanian, and I have Romanian lesson once a week. All I want to say about this language is, this is not an easy language to learn, but it is very impressive language. I am trying to improve myself in Romanian. There isn’t so many foreign people in the city, so when the people see a foreigner who is trying to talk Romanian language, they are always happy.

I am going to Luchian Center, Otilia K. Kindergarden, Caritas –St Francisc Baia Mare for the activities. Luchian’s activity is so important for me. This is my first time to meet children with down syndrome, and it makes me feel very happy and useful. They are very lovely kids, when I’m playing with them, they are happy. Always, if I can make a child happy, I felt that way as well. These sentences explain for me the importance of volunteering.

Let’s talk about the city. The city’s old town is amazing. It makes me feel like I am in the city’s history. I love the place’s architectural beauties. There are also Stephen’s Tower and a great cathedral to view in the city. As I told before, there isn’t so many foreigners in the city, but as I heard, some local tourists are coming to the city. Baia Mare (also Romania) is developing and I think that the city will be very developed in 10 years.

I will write my first month experiences at my second article. I wonder what I will learn in the coming weeks.

"Emre is our Turkish volunteer in the project ”Young Steps in Europe” coordinated by Bridge of Culture Training and Youth Association, and hosted in Team for Youth Association."

The source where I first shared the article:

First Abroad Experience: European Parliament in Belgium

I wanted to realize my Erasmus dreams when I achieved a good 3.73/4 GPA in the first year of my university life, but I couldn't get enough marks in the English proficiency exam I took that year. In fact, all my next overseas stories started after my failure in that exam.

That year, I wanted to do something and I believed that if I tried, I would succeed. For this reason, I learned that there is such a thing as the European Voluntary Service during my research and my application for a project in Romania was accepted. Shortly after this acceptance news, I had the chance to attend the "Democracy and me" conference, which will be held in the framework of the European Youth Week events that year in the European Parliament in Belgium. It was an incredible feeling to represent my country and the youth of Europe sitting in the seats of the European Parliament. After the experience I got there, I became a braver person. Although this may seem like such a simple story, the background of the journey was very different.

On my journey from Ankara to Brussels, the first flight would be Ankara-Dalaman and after a one-day wait, Dalaman-Brussels. I met wonderful people in Dalaman. I was a solo young traveler on my trip to Brussels. 19 years old, first overseas experience... A Turkish family I met during passport control helped me so much that I learned that sooner or later good things will happen to those who set out with courage.

As a result of all these things, I can say that I have become addicted to discovery. You can access detailed information about the event I attended from the platform of the European Union: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/IP_19_2255

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