Jul 23, 2019

European Voluntary Service in Romania

(This is an old post dated July 23, 2019)

I am Emre from Turkey and I have been volunteering for 5 weeks in Baia Mare. My project’s name is “Young Steps in Europe”.

I learned so many things about life in this 5 weeks. I really feel like I grew up and my skills are improved. Because of these things, I suggest everybody to participate an EVS project at least one time.

I have a workshop about C programming, and the lessons are given by me in Team for Youth’s office. I give the lessons to local and international volunteers. Some participants are not sure what to study at university. Because of this, one of my aims is to improve their interest about programming. I think maybe they can understand that they could be successful if they study computer science or management information systems, like me. Generally people don’t believe in their skills in programming, but they do not even try. This is why I am trying to do this.

By the way, this month I started to go Romani Center and there are children from different age groups. The center is very nice so it is easy to make activities there. Except this activity, my favorite activity was Luchian but holiday started for that center, so I could not join the activities there anymore. I was very happy while I was playing with kids there and it was my first experience to meet kids with down syndrome. They are very lovely and I wish I will be able to spend time in a center like this one again in the future.

Now, I am starting to think about what I will do in Turkey when I go back there, because my project is going to be ending in 2 weeks. I have weird emotions about that because I have already adapted to live in Baia Mare, so I think my next mission will be adapt to live in a big city again, Ankara.

"Emre is our Turkish volunteer in the project ”Young Steps in Europe” coordinated by Bridge of Culture Training and Youth Association, and hosted in Team for Youth Association."

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